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Best Poster - Previous Recipients

2020 - 2023

No Poster Sessions Offered

2019 Winner

Christine Verdream, James Madison University

“Habitat utilization and impacts of flooding on James spineymussel populations in Virginia streams”

2018 Winner

Michelle Steg-Geltner, Yakama Nation Fisheries

“How the Yakama Nation Shares Fish and Habitat Restoration Information”

2017 Winner

George Gavrielides, Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute

“Freshwater Information Network (FIN): Using GIS to Connect Scientists with Each Other and the Conservation Community”

2016 Winner

Jeanette Jones, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

“Tennessee’s Update to the Protected Areas Database”

2015 Winner

Vicki Greer, University of Arizona

“Temperature Data Loggers to Monitor Microclimate Change: Help or Headache?”

2014 Winners (tie)

Philip Marley, Missouri Department of Conservation

“Mapping the American Badger’s Distribution and Range in Missouri”

Tim Bixler, Missouri Department of Conservation

“Using Satellite Telemetry to Facilitate Future Management of Missouri Elk”

2013 Winner

Philip Marley, Missouri Department of Conservation, for his poster “Spatial Modeling to Predict Swamp Rabbit

Habitat in Missouri”

2012 Winner

Bruce Schmidt, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, for his poster “Demonstration of an Integrated

Tabular and GIS Based Data Query System”

2011 Winners

Beth Stys and Jennifer Bock, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, for their poster “A Basin Approach to

Conserving Florida’s Freshwater Habitats and Species”

2010 Winner

Beth Stys, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, for her poster “Development of a Mobile Application for

Collecting Spatial Oil Observation During Aerial Surveys”

2009 Winners

Jeff Cowen and Brendan Sylvester, NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center, for their poster “Scientific Data

Management Team.”

2008 Winner

Cathy Ricketts and Beth Stys, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, for their poster “Mapping Threats to

Florida’s Freshwater Habitats.”

2007 Winners

Julie C. Ellis (Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine) and Megan Hines (USGS National Wildlife Health Center) for their


“Seabirds as Indicators on Environmental Health: Citizen Scientists Monitor Seabird Mortality throughout the Atlantic Coast of

the United States.”

2006 Winners

Julie Prior-Magee (U.S. Geological Survey), Ken Boykin (New Mexico State University), Andrea Ernst (New Mexico State

University),and John Lowry (Utah State University) for their poster, “Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project.”

2005 Winners

Roxanne Broadway (U.S. Geological Survey), Tom Lupo (California Department of Fish and Game), Tony McKinney (U.S. Fish

and Wildlife Service), Jennifer Pollock (U.S. Geological Survey), Robert Fisher (U.S. Geological Survey), Felicia Sirchia

(U.S.Geological Survey), and BillPerry (U.S. Geological Survey) for their poster,

“BIOS: Key Partnership and Innovative Technology Enable Improved Data

Sharing in Southern California.”

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